Ninebot One S1

Electric One Wheel Self Balancing Transporter

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RGB LED Lights
15% Hill Grade
12.5 mph Top Speed
Average Range of 15 Miles
App & Dashboard

One Wheel, No Limits

the ninebot one s1 is designed for the adventurers with a “can do” attitude. riders who are up for a challenge will hop on the one s1 and trailblaze their own path. are you ready to take on the ninebot one s1?

Take on the Challenge

master the ninebot one s1, and unlock your potential!

Pick Up and Go

use the app to activate carry mode, so you can always have your one s1 nearby. with the ergonomic handle, it fits perfectly in your palms, for you to easily carry around.

App & Dashboard

新皇冠体育APPuse the mobile app to access the new rider tutorial, set speed limits, customize led lighting, diagnose issues, track riding stats, and more.

Intelligent Battery Management System

the battery management system (bms) constantly monitors the condition of each battery in the device ensuring complete safety and reliability.

15% Hill Grade

新皇冠体育APP15% hill grade

Narrow road

narrow road

Sand Stone Road

sand stone road



Grass Field

新皇冠体育APPgrass field


Compact and Portable

travel with the one s1 is easy and convenient. pop it in your trunk and you’re all set. go places without boundaries.

What People Say

The One Wheel of Fun
新皇冠体育APP Patience is the first step to have when you’re a beginner. I dedicated a few hours (3-5hrs) each day for 3 Days straight before I got the technique down on my S1 and once you’ve mastered the balancing part while riding than it’s all fun from their.

electric unicycles are the best! but you have to put in the work. at $299, these are a steal! great fun, but not for those that aren’t willing to put in the work necessary to learn to ride. first, check the tire when you get it, and pump it up as necessary based on on your weight. if you’re 200 pounds, 45 psi is probably about right. if you’re much heavier than that, you probably should have a more powerful wheel to be safe.


Ninebot One S1

  • Electric One Wheel Self Balancing Transporter