Ninebot Gokart Kit

Transform Your Ninebot S into a Gokart

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“Segway has made a go-kart and it’s awesome”


“ Segway reveals $1,149 kit to turn its hoverboard into an electric kart (but don’t expect to go faster than 15mph)”

Daily Mail

“ You Can Convert Your Segway MiniPRO Into A Go-Kart With This New Kit”


Ninebot S Detachable
Adjustable Seat
10% Hill Grade
APP Control
Height Range: 4’5″ to 6’3″
Max Speed 15 mph
IPX4 Water-Resistant

Three Different Driving Modes to Start Your Gokarting Challenges

the ninebot electric gokart comes with three driving modes for riders to choose based on their expertise.

Experience the Power

新皇冠体育APPhave fun with the coolest green electric gokart with two 800w power motors, 15mph max speed, and adjustable steering.

Reverse Enabled

ninebot gokart equips with an exclusive ability to go in reverse. quickly tap the brake pedal twice when at a complete stop to reverse the gokart and tap it twice again when stops to go forward.

Two Layered Impact Protection

新皇冠体育APPtwo layered impact protection

the outer part is a plastic layer designed to absorb energy during a collision to effectively reduce the impact force. the inner layer utilizes a steel main beam to provide high-strength protection for, and prevent deformation of, the scooter body.

Redundant Brake System

redundant brake system

新皇冠体育APPthe dual braking system ensures extra safety. achieve emergency braking through the hand brake when needed.

Redundant Power Application

redundant power application

新皇冠体育APPwired (main) and bluetooth wireless (standby) communication methods are used for communication between the controller of the ninebot gokart and the balance scooter; when the controller detects a malfunction of the wired communication, it will switch to bluetooth communication instantly.

Non-inflatable Hollow Tire

新皇冠体育APPnon-inflatable hollow tire

easy to maintain, the well-designed full vertical pattern and excellent drainage capacity creates an enjoyable ride with excellent tractions.


Designed to Fit Most Riders

新皇冠体育APPthe ninebot gokart was designed with an adjustable frame and steering wheel to fit riders between 4′ 5″ to 6′ 3″ (130 cm – 190 cm). the ninebot gokart has a maximum payload of 220 pounds (100 kg).

Convenient and Portable

Collapsible for convenient portability, the Ninebot Gokart Kit fits in the trunk of most cars so you can bring it wherever you want to ride!

Easy Assembly

新皇冠体育APPthe ninebot gokart kit is as easy to assemble as it is fun to ride! simply strap on your ninebot s, adjust your ninebot gokart for your height, and take off.

Fun For Kids of All Ages

the adjustable frame makes the ninebot gokart suitable for people of all ages. create memorable experiences on your gokart with your family.

What People Say

新皇冠体育APPtotally worth it. way better than a motorized go cart. its like my 13 year old son has his own car!

i use this thing as a wheelchair in accordance of the ada act ever since having a stroke. it helps me cover more ground in a short period of time and i can even keep up with my wife bicycle. i take it to the local quick trip all the time. great fun, but not as animated and loving as my loomo ? still, it does outperform a porsche for acceleration and you can feel it!

新皇冠体育APPjunda flexi



Ninebot Gokart Kit

  • Upgraded Mobility
  • Folding Electric KickScooter
  • Dark Gray/Silver